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Equipment List


Canon C100 Mark II

The backbone of my wedding films. 90% of the footage I shoot is with this camera.

Canon 5D Mark III

This is the camera I use for dynamic video. It has fantastic image quality with incredible low-light capability.

Canon CX10

Spectacular 4K video in a compact body. This camera pairs well with the C100. I use is mostly as a B cam during the wedding ceremony.


Tascam DR10c

This tiny portable recorder has amazing sound quality and is perfect for hiding in the grooms jacket pocket. 

Sennheiser Wireless

Fantastic sound and reliability is essential for live event videography and this unit is the top of its class.



This amazing field recorder rounds out my audio gear allowing me to get live ceremony musicians, or plug into the DJ's console for toast, and introductions.

Tokina 11-16mm

This wide lens is fast enough at 2.8 to capture dancing and reception footage.

Canon 24-70mm

This lens is a beast, sharp and performs amazing in low light. 

Tamron 70-200

A fast zoom lens for ceremonies, and capturing intimate details.

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