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Graphic Novel 

Written and Drawn by Dean Garris

The Lord of Dirt is envisioned as a six volume series. It is a dark fantasy adventure about characters caught up in a tragic calamity. One that will wake old powers and bring about the death of the world. That world is Chimera, a land ruled by lords and religions, with brave knights, hooded sorcerers, roguish pirates and a jealous dragon. 

Volume 1 - 12 chapters - 124 pages

Volume 2 - 12 chapters - 104 pages

Volume 3 - 9 chapters - 100 pages.

The first three volumes are available in the store. 




  • The young queen of Castle Dragonfire. She dreams of adventure and excitement, and to achieve that goal she may have to give up everything she has ever known, including herself.



  • A monk in training who is plagued with disturbing and prophetic nightmares. Is he going mad or is he on a crash course to discover a terrible hidden secret.


Once he was known as the shield of Dragonfire, but a fateful quest to kill a witch led to Sir Eric being banished from the kingdom. Now, many years later, he is given a chance to restore his honor with the help of a talking rabbit


the dragon

The oldest creature in the realm of Chimera. The people of Dragonfire call him one of the old gods, the Mages say he is one of the watchers and the protector of the castle, but his real purpose and origin no one knows. Maybe it is found in one of the many books the dragon jealously guards in his massive underground library.



  • The Dwarves in the Snowy Mountains have been used by the tall men of Whiterock for many generations. A dwarf named Nero Greybeard rises to power with the discovery of a mysterious material that will allow them to take revenge on the tall men and reclaim their former glory.


The Voyant Seers

Mysterious magicians who practice an art of looking into others minds and perceiving their thoughts and desires. The lords of Chimera keep Voyant Seers on their councils to help them rule, but do the seers have their own hidden agenda?

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