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Graphic Novel Series

Written and Drawn by Dean Garris

The Lord of Dirt is an dark fantasy anthology with themes of prophecy, redemption, romance and the discovery of a mysterious god-like substance that may bring about the end of the world.



  • Asha, the young queen, who dreams of adventure and excitement and must push back on her councilors and court in order to follow her heart and find her true destiny.



  • A peasant who is convinced he is cursed. Timmon wanders the land, plagued with terrible prophetic nightmares. His only friend is a mysterious hooded man that believes a prophecy of doom will bring about the end of the world.


Once he was known as the shield of Dragonfire, but a fateful quest to kill a witch led to Sir Eric being banished from the kingdom. Now, many years later, he is given a chance to restore his honor with the help of a talking rabbit


the dragon

The oldest creature in the realm of Chimera. The people of Dragonfire call him one of the old gods, the Mages say he is one of the watchers and the protector of the castle, but his real purpose and origin no one knows. Maybe it is found in one of the many books the dragon jealously guards in his massive underground library.



  • The Dwarves in the Snowy Mountains have lost land, respect and a crushing defeat in the southern war. A dwarf named Nero Greybeard rises to power with the discovery of a mysterious material that will allow them to take revenge and reclaim their former glory.


The Voyant Seers

The craft of seeing began as a magical cult on the fringes of the wasteland 300 years ago. Their most relentless enemy during the first 200 years was the faith of Gia. Voyant Seeing was seen by the faith as an abomination, using dark powers to look into other's thoughts and dreams. Over time though the craft was found useful for war. So when one lord appointed a seer to their council, another had to have one as well. Now the seers are accepted and serve the realm, but do they have their own agenda?.


The Realm of Chimera

Chimera is a continent populated with men, dwarves, the beastly juns, magical creatures and an ancient dragon.

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